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This Website is owned by BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. CRTA. NATIONAL N-1 KM 340 POLIGONO INDUSTRIAL LOS LLANOS (01230) Iruña de Oca ALAVA with CIF (tax code) A01028729, duly registered in the Alava Mercantile Registry in Volume 1061, Folio 104, Section 8, Sheet VI 3566. Contact phone number: (+34) 945371228, e-mail address: With regard to online contracting, any consumer or user can file a complaint or claim, or request information about the goods or services offered or contracted using the aforementioned contact information.

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The activity is not subject to any prior system of administrative authorisation, nor does it adhere to codes of conduct, except those of good faith, ethics, and the Civil Code. The owner does not provide services of intermediation or accommodation.

1.2.- Language

In the event that we translate this Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy, or any other terms of use, policies or procedures that may be published on the website from time to time, and if a discrepancy occurs between the Spanish version and its translation, the Spanish version shall always prevail.


BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. informs the user that, in the event of there being a prior contractual relationship, we will send them information about our activities, products and/or services (including advertising and/or commercial communications, for the purposes of art. 21 LSSICE 34/2002) based on our legitimate interest. If you do not wish to receive this type of information and would like us to stop processing your data for these purposes, please send us an email to that effect to and we will do so, while still being able to store said data for the formulating, exercise or defence of claims. The withdrawal of your consent regarding the sending of this type of communication does not affect the processing of your data for other purposes described in the privacy policy.

If there is no prior contractual relationship, and pursuant to recital 47 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, our legitimate interest in sending you information about our activities, products and/or services (via traditional or electronic means) may constitute a legal basis to process your data, provided that your interests or your rights and freedoms do not prevail, taking into account your reasonable expectation regarding whether or not we would send you this type of information, at the time and in the context in which you provided us with your personal data, for example, if you provided us with a contact card during a fair or commercial visit, sent us an email or contacted us to request information, made an inquiry via our website, or subscribed to out Newsletter, etc. However, your fundamental interests and rights will always prevail over our legitimate interest if, when you provide us with your data, you do not reasonably expect, or explicitly state that you do not wish, for us to send you this type of informative or commercial communications. For this reason, if the communication is electronically received, it will include the option to unsubscribe from receiving future communications. If you select this option, we shall cease sending you this type of communication from that point on. You can also request that we stop processing your data for this purpose by sending an email to the aforementioned email address.

2.1.- Advertising

The Website, as well as any subdomains, microsites and/or subsections contained herein, may contain advertising content or be sponsored. Advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with all the laws which may apply in each case. The Website owner shall not be held liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity which may be contained in the advertising or content of advertisers or sponsors. Nor shall it be responsible for any offense caused to users or visitors of this website by advertising or other material, or by any subdomains, microsites and/or subsections contained herein.


a) In terms of user generated content:

If, in order to participate in any event, activity, promotion or contest organised by us, or simply by your mere will, you submit or publish any documentation, information or literary, artistic, scientific, technical or any other type of opinion through articles, drawings, videos, photographs or any other text or audiovisual content, on this website or on our social media, via any format or medium protected by industrial or intellectual property rights, the submission of said content shall imply the sender’s authorisation for its use by us on this website, therefore making it available to third parties, for use on our social media profiles and YouTube page in order to, where appropriate, provide information about the event/activity, document it, and form part of the photographic/videographic memory of said event/activity, as well as for its use on advertising brochures, posters, stationery and promotional marketing, etc.

Therefore, the sender gives us the non-exclusive, sublicensable right to the reproduction, distribution, translation, publication and total or partial dissemination of said content, via any means, currently known or future developed, for any purpose, free of charge and for an unlimited duration on a global level.

The ownership of the copyright for said content corresponds to its author, who guarantees it. However, the sending or publishing of the contents on this website or our social networks implies the transfer of their rights of reproduction and public communication, while retaining the author’s right to exploit them in any way that does not harm their normal publication by us in the aforementioned media.

The sender guarantees their ownership of said content or that they have, and are able to prove so, all the rights, capacity and/or permits, authorisation and consent necessary for the use and license of the content, and that it does not infringe on any third-party rights, including rights to the protection of personal data, as well as any industrial and intellectual property rights.

The sender shall be solely responsible for any third-party claims, including Public Administration, regarding said contents, as well as for any damages that may be claimed, allowing us to exercise the actions granted by Law for the defence of our rights, so that any responsibility we have to face, including financial, shall be passed on by us to the sender.

b) In terms of content generated by BILLARES SAM, S.A.U.:

The owner of the content and elements that make up this Website is BILLARES SAM, S.A.U., who, consequentially, also owns the intellectual and industrial property rights of said website and, in particular, all the source codes, texts, images, design, logos, computer software, animations , databases, trademarks, trade names, or distinctive symbols, sounds and other graphic or sound elements featured on the pages of the Website. This list is not exhaustive and should be considered as for illustrative purposes only. These elements are duly protected in accordance with Spanish and international regulations on Intellectual and Industrial Copyright.

The User undertakes to use the contents in a correct and diligent way, in accordance with the law, moral standards and public order. BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. authorises the User to view the information contained on this website, as well as to make private reproductions (the simple act of downloading and storing on their computer systems), provided that the elements are intended for personal use only, as well as to use said information exclusively for journalistic purposes, provided that, in both cases, the integrity of the information is respected and that the original source has been identified as this Website, belonging to BILLARES SAM, S.A.U., which expressly prohibits any type of utilization which is biased and/or contrary to its nature.

The use of website content and its distribution, modification, transfer to third parties, reproduction, transformation or public communication by any means or technology beyond the purposes expressly set forth in the preceding paragraph is strictly prohibited, with express prior consent from BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. being required to do so, and any action contrary to this text constitutes a violation of the regulations on industrial and intellectual property rights.

BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. reserves the right to take any legal actions in defence of its rights.


If the user requires the use of personal passwords to access some of the services, private area, intranet, etc., provided through this website, the user shall be responsible for their diligent safekeeping, use and storage, undertaking to preserve said passwords in the strictest and most absolute confidentiality and secrecy, with it being expressly prohibited to assign them to third parties, and it being understood that the user shall be held liable for any harmful consequences that may arise for the owner of the Website and other users. In case of theft, loss or unauthorised use of the passwords, the user must immediately notify BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. so that appropriate actions can be taken, with the user being liable for any damages that could be caused to both BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. and other users, as a result of late communication.

Under no circumstances shall BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. be liable for any repercussions that may arise regarding personal data when they derive from any attack or unauthorised access to the system, which is impossible to detect by the security measures implemented, even when it is due to a lack of diligence by a registered user regarding the safeguarding and keeping of their access password or their own personal data.


Our online store uses the HTTPS (SSL) protocol to establish a secure communication channel between the server and the user for sending their encrypted personal data. Providing this service via a secure server ensures the confidentiality of the information exchanged between the user’s computer and the server, because an encrypted connection is established between them, using the SSL protocol, which prevents third-party access to the information sent.


a) General

The interest of BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. is for this website to work as effectively as possible and to meet the purpose for which it was created, but it is not responsible for any typographical, formal or numerical errors that the website may contain, nor for the accuracy of the information contained herein, nor any possible malfunctions or anomalies in its operation due, for example, to problems in the internet network or in the server where the website is hosted.

BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. does not guarantee that the website and the server are free of viruses and is not responsible for any damages caused by accessing the website, or by the inability to access it, or for any possible damages that may be caused on the user’s device, computer system, or the files stored on it, as a result of the presence of a virus in the user’s computer being used to connect to the services and web content, or for a malfunction of the browser or the use of outdated versions thereof.

The user undertakes to use this website loyally and legitimately and in accordance with traffic laws and uses. The user also undertakes not to engage in any conduct that may damage the image, interests or rights of BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. or third parties, or that may damage, disable, overload or prevent the normal use of this website in any way.

BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions that appear on this website, as well as to expand the contents, information, etc., at any time without prior notice and, therefore, advises users to consult said terms at reasonable intervals to check whether any modifications have been made. The user must read and accept all new legal notices and conditions of use that may be incorporated on the website. If the user does not accept the new terms, they should refrain from using and accessing the website, with BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. accepting no responsibility and reserving the right to suspend and terminate access to the contents of the Website, as well as the services provided from it.

b) Links and hyperlinks

The websites owned by BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. may provide a link or access to other resources or third-party websites, which we consider to be of interest or necessary for the provision of some of the services offered on our websites, but in no case are said websites controlled by us.

The purpose of these links may be to facilitate the search for resources that may interest you through the Internet or the management of certain services on the websites owned by BILLARES SAM, S.A.U., such as the processing, payment and billing of your online purchases. However, these linked pages do not belong to BILLARES SAM, S.A.U., nor do we review their contents and, therefore, we cannot be held responsible for them, nor for the services that appear and/or are available or not on said pages, nor for the operation of the linked pages, nor the use and processing of data done by said pages, nor the possible infractions that, when applicable, they may commit, nor any of the possible damages that may be derived from access to or use of the linked pages. The existence of a link does not imply the existence of a relational link between BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. and persons or entities that own such content or the website where it’s located.

Therefore, BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. does not assume any responsibility related to the linked sites, nor is it responsible for their operation, the contents and services hosted on them or the possible links in turn contained on said linked sites.

We strongly recommend reading the corresponding legal notices and, especially, the privacy policies of each page before entering your personal data therein and, in case of doubt, we recommend that you contact those sites directly to obtain more information about their privacy policies.

If the user is aware of any illegal or inadequate contents, services or any other activities carried out through a linked site, they must immediately notify BILLARES SAM, S.A.U. so that the latter can, where appropriate, take the appropriate measures.

By using this website, we consider that the user has read this document carefully and has understood and followed its advice. If the user does not agree with this data protection policy or with the advice given herein, they should refrain from using our website.


In the event of conflict or dispute with respect to the interpretation of these conditions, and any issue related to the services of this website, Spanish jurisdiction and regulations will apply, with the competent courts being those of Vitoria.

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